Mini biography:

His parents Josephine and Sal Sr. (who made caskets for a living) emigrated from Mineo in Sicily. In addition to Sal Jr. there were Michael, Victor and Sarina. He was thrown out of parochial school and, by age 8, was a member of a street gang in a tough Bronx neighborhood.

His mother enrolled him in dancing school at age 10,and acting school. He soon appeared as a child in "The Rose Tattoo" (Maureen Stapleton, Eli Wallach) and as a young prince in "The King and I" (Gertrude Lawrence, Yul Brynner). At age 16 he played a boy in Tony Curtis' "Six Bridges to Cross" and the same year played Plato in James Dean's "Rebel Without A Cause" (1955).
He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in this movie and "Exodus" (1960).

At age 30, in an effort to escape his teen-idol image, he turned to directing ("Fortune And Men's Eyes", successful productions in both New York and Los Angeles). The night of 12 February 1976 a neighbor heard him (returning from rehearsal of "P.S. Your Cat Is Dead") calling "Help! Help! Oh, my God!" and found him in the street stabbed to death. He had not been robbed and a white male with long hair had been seen running from the scene. His killer, Lionel Ray Williams was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1979.

Sal's music career: In 1957 'Sal Mineo' tried to start a career as a Rock 'N Roll singer, he released two singles. The first was Start Movin' (In My Direction), it stayed in the USA top 40 for 13 weeks and reached the no. 9 position. The second was Lasting Love, that stayed in for 3 weeks and reached no. 27. The singles were followed up by an album on the Epic label. In the UK the records were released on the Philips label.

Personal quotes "I'll never be mistaken for Pat Boone" (1975)

film credits
Columbo: A Case of Immunity (1975) (TV) Rachman Habib
James Dean, the First American Teenager (1975) Himself
Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On (1973)  
Family Rico, The (1972) (TV) Nick Rico
Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971) Milo
How to Steal an Airplane (1971) (TV)
... aka Only One Day Left Before Tomorrow
... aka Scavengers, The (1971/II) (1971
Luis Ortega
Challengers, The (1970) (TV) Angel de Angelo
In Search of America (1970) (TV Nick
Krakatoa, East of Java (1969) Leoncavallo ... aka Volcano (1969)
80 Steps to Jonah (1969) Jerry Taggart
Stranger on the Run (1967) (TV) ... aka Lonesome Gun)  George Blaylock
LSD-Insight or Insanity? (1967) (voice) Narrator
Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, The (1966) (TV) Bobby Jack Wilkes
Greatest Story Ever Told, The (1965) Uriah
Who Killed Teddy Bear? (1965) Lawrence
Cheyenne Autumn (1964) Red Shirt
Escape from Zahrain (1962)  Ahmed
Longest Day, The (1962)  Private Martini
Exodus (1960) Dov Landau
Insight or Insanity? (1960) (voice) Narrator
Private's Affair, A (1959) Luigi Maresi
Gene Krupa Story, The (1959)... aka Drum Crazy (1959 Gene Krupa
Aladdin (1958) (TV) .
Tonka (1958... aka A Horse Named Comanche) White Bull
Dino (1957) ... aka Killer Dino Dino Minetta
Young Don't Cry, The (1957) Leslie Henderson
Giant (1956) Angel Obregon II
Crime in the Streets (1956)  Baby Gioia
Rock, Pretty Baby (1956) Angelo Barrato
Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)  Romolo
Private War of Major Benson, The (1955) Cadet Colonel Sylvester
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)  Plato
Six Bridges to Cross (1955) Jerry as a boy

tv performances
"S.W.A.T." (1975) in episode: "Deadly Tide: Part 2" (episode # 2.2) 9/20/1975
"S.W.A.T." (1975) in episode: "Deadly Tide: Part 1" (episode # 2.1) 9/13/1975
"S.W.A.T." (1975) in episode: "Coven of Killers, A" (episode # 1.2) 3/3/1975
"Harry O" (1974) playing "Broker" in episode:
"Elegy for a Cop" (episode # 1.21) 2/27/1975
"Hawaii Five-O" (1968) in Episode: "Hit Gun for Sale" (episode # 7.165) 2/25/1975
"Harry O" (1974) playing "Walter Scheerer" in episode: "Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On" (episode # 0.1) 3/11/1974
"Mission: Impossible" (1966) playing "Mel Bracken" in episode: "Flip Side" (episode # 5.2) 9/29/1970
"Hawaii Five-O" (1968) playing "Bobby George" in episode: "Tiger by the Tail" (episode # 1.3) 10/10/1968
"Combat!" (1962) playing "Larry Kogan" in episode: "Hard Way Back, The" (episode # 3.6) 10/20/1964
"Patty Duke Show, The" (1963) playing "Portrays Himself" in episode: "Patty meets a celebrity"
"Burke's Law" (1963) playing "Dickson" in episode: "Who Killed the Rabbit's"
"Pursuit" (1958) in episode: "Vengeance, The" 10/22/1958
"Alcoa Hour, The" (1955) in episode: "Magic Horn, The" (episode # 1.17) 6/10/1956
"Philco Television Playhouse, The" (1948) in episode: "Trees, The" (episode # 8.7) 12/4/1955